Clever use of Unipanel Stubby to replace rotten decking rails

I came across this ingenious use of our stubby Unipanels whilst popping to friends for a barbeque at the weekend. I thought I’d share to give others inspiration.

Unipanels to replace deck railing

Despite regular treatment with wood preservatives, their decking rails had rotted and were no longer safe. A big problem as they have small children running around and a good drop off the end of the deck.

They ordered from us and used  the following: 2 x 1m stubby Unipanels with just a couple of wall clamps attaching the panels to the original wooden end support of the old deck railing. Unipanel floor stabilisers were used on every tube end (2 per panel), which made the short fence very rigid (I was impressed by just how strong the railing was, given there is no fixing to a supporting post at the other end).

(If you look in the background you can also see where they have used our Universal Bar Unipanels in the regular height to build their dog run – I’ll post some pictured of that shortly as they fashioned a clever roof using tarpaulin and a piece of old insulation board!!)

I tried to get a closer picture to show the floor stabilisers in use below:

Unipanel deck railing