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Making a roof for a Unipanel dog run

A brief post to show how friends of ours fashioned a roof for their Unipanel dog run.

They have used Universal Bar Regular Height Panels to build a run by sectioning off a space by their shed and fence. It’s a safe retreat for the dog to escape the kids when she needs to!

To fashion the roof, they used a section of left over insulation board and tied a tarpaulin over it. It is secured to the top of the dog run by using wire through the board (with a piece of wood to stop the wire pulling through when the wind gets up), which is then tied onto the top of the run.

It’s worked surprisingly well considering that it gets quite windy where they live! and the dog run is a lot better protected from the elements now. The best part – it was practically free, using things that they already had lying around.

They used some of our anti-jump bars that are seconds to raise the height of the run (we have more of these – listed in our clearance section – they are an early prototype and the factory forgot to treat part of them to prevent weathering) they make an ideal base to fix a roof onto. The extra bit of height they gave to one side allowed a slope on the roof.