Unipanel pond fence

Pond Fence

I thought I’d share how we used stubby Unipanels with great success to fence off our pond.

It came about out of necessity. We have a very deep pond (it would make a good swimming pool). It’s the result of a mid-life crisis I think! My father got carried away when he was let loose on a mini digger many years ago. We came home from school to find the front garden completely obliterated and a large pit in its place.

Fast forward a few years and with a lot of hard work, his pond vision had come to life. We’ve all enjoyed it over the years.

Fast forward many more years and we’re at the stage where we have small children of our own, who also enjoy the pond. But because it is so deep (and even if it weren’t) we were worried about potential accidents.

We used some of our stubby Unipanels to great effect in order to cordon off the pond area and prevent any mishaps. We used one of the gate panels in the middle so that we can easily get in and out of the pond area. The green colour looks really nice in the garden (if you have to have a fence blocking your picturesque pond then it might as well look nice!).

We secured with floor stabilisers pinned into the ground, 2 on every panel to give as much rigidity as possible. A wooden stake at one end to which the panels are fixed with wall clamps has made this a sturdy solution despite the long run of 1 m panels (we used 5 panels and 1 gate). We have a low brick wall at the other end, only high enough to fix one wall bracket low down, but this seemed to give enough stability, without the need for us to add another stake.