dog run unipanel

Making a roof for a Unipanel dog run

A brief post to show how friends of ours fashioned a roof for their Unipanel dog run.

They have used Universal Bar Regular Height Panels to build a run by sectioning off a space by their shed and fence. It’s a safe retreat for the dog to escape the kids when she needs to!

To fashion the roof, they used a section of left over insulation board and tied a tarpaulin over it. It is secured to the top of the dog run by using wire through the board (with a piece of wood to stop the wire pulling through when the wind gets up), which is then tied onto the top of the run.

It’s worked surprisingly well considering that it gets quite windy where they live! and the dog run is a lot better protected from the elements now. The best part – it was practically free, using things that they already had lying around.

They used some of our anti-jump bars that are seconds to raise the height of the run (we have more of these – listed in our clearance section – they are an early prototype and the factory forgot to treat part of them to prevent weathering) they make an ideal base to fix a roof onto. The extra bit of height they gave to one side allowed a slope on the roof.

Unipanel pond fence

Pond Fence

I thought I’d share how we used stubby Unipanels with great success to fence off our pond.

It came about out of necessity. We have a very deep pond (it would make a good swimming pool). It’s the result of a mid-life crisis I think! My father got carried away when he was let loose on a mini digger many years ago. We came home from school to find the front garden completely obliterated and a large pit in its place.

Fast forward a few years and with a lot of hard work, his pond vision had come to life. We’ve all enjoyed it over the years.

Fast forward many more years and we’re at the stage where we have small children of our own, who also enjoy the pond. But because it is so deep (and even if it weren’t) we were worried about potential accidents.

We used some of our stubby Unipanels to great effect in order to cordon off the pond area and prevent any mishaps. We used one of the gate panels in the middle so that we can easily get in and out of the pond area. The green colour looks really nice in the garden (if you have to have a fence blocking your picturesque pond then it might as well look nice!).

We secured with floor stabilisers pinned into the ground, 2 on every panel to give as much rigidity as possible. A wooden stake at one end to which the panels are fixed with wall clamps has made this a sturdy solution despite the long run of 1 m panels (we used 5 panels and 1 gate). We have a low brick wall at the other end, only high enough to fix one wall bracket low down, but this seemed to give enough stability, without the need for us to add another stake.


Supablend eggfood – why you might want to think about switching

Why change your current eggfood?

The answer is probably not to. If you are getting good results year on year then you probably adhere to the adage of ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’!

But if you can improve on getting good results then why not give it a try? Price also should be factored in – Supablend is probably the best eggfood on the market for the cost.

In our experience, most people start looking to change eggfood when they have a bad breeding season. The eggfood is commonly the first thing to get the blame. Although rarely is it the ultimate cause of a bad season.

Your choice of eggfood can make a big difference. Many breeders are mixing their own ‘secret recipes’ (!) with their eggfood and that is where the Supablend brand really comes into its own. It mixes really well with many additives, holds moisture extremely well and as such is superior to other eggfoods in many respects. Reports from the breeders that work with Supablend suggest that the birds are polishing off all of the Supablend, whereas they may not always find other eggfoods quite so palatable. This means that the birds are taking in more of the benefits from the eggfood as well as whatever has been mixed with it.

Incidentally, Supablend also use fresh eggs in their formula, whereas many other manufacturers use a powdered egg. This is important as the protein from the fresh eggs is a superior source to  protein derived from powdered egg.

For colour feeding, the moist eggfood has a good compatibility with carophyll. It mixes well and as such is a good eggfood to deliver colour food.

If for any reason  you are thinking about changing your eggfood then Supablend is certainly one to try. You can buy in 1 Kg bags to sample it and see how you get on. There is also a lot of support available over on the Supablend website, where you can email them with any questions or issues about using the product or switching to it.

If in doubt, check their winners wall! – they have some great success stories from breeders using the product and winning bird shows.

Clever use of Unipanel Stubby to replace rotten decking rails

I came across this ingenious use of our stubby Unipanels whilst popping to friends for a barbeque at the weekend. I thought I’d share to give others inspiration.

Unipanels to replace deck railing

Despite regular treatment with wood preservatives, their decking rails had rotted and were no longer safe. A big problem as they have small children running around and a good drop off the end of the deck.

They ordered from us and used  the following: 2 x 1m stubby Unipanels with just a couple of wall clamps attaching the panels to the original wooden end support of the old deck railing. Unipanel floor stabilisers were used on every tube end (2 per panel), which made the short fence very rigid (I was impressed by just how strong the railing was, given there is no fixing to a supporting post at the other end).

(If you look in the background you can also see where they have used our Universal Bar Unipanels in the regular height to build their dog run – I’ll post some pictured of that shortly as they fashioned a clever roof using tarpaulin and a piece of old insulation board!!)

I tried to get a closer picture to show the floor stabilisers in use below:

Unipanel deck railing