• Bird Keeping

    Bird Keeping (154)

    We offer a large selection of products for bird keeping. We have a wide selection of plastic feeders and drinkers, nest boxes, nesting material, breeding cages, cage fronts, seeds and supplements.
  • Clearance

    Clearance (3)

  • Pest Control

    Pest Control (6)

  • Pigeon & Poultry Keeping

    Pigeon & Poultry Keeping (25)

    Our chicken coops are amongst our most popular products. We also have a range of pigeon and poultry feeders and drinkers plus other essentials such as dummy eggs and mite treatments.
  • Prime-Weld Wire Mesh

    Prime-Weld Wire Mesh (8)

    All Prime-Weld wire is galvanised after welding to give a superior quality mesh. We stock a range of the most popular sizes, in different roll lengths, gauges and roll heights.
  • Unipanels

    Unipanels (18)

    Our best selling products. Unipanels are ideal for creating cheap temporary or permanent fencing or animal enclosures. Treated to be weatherproof, they make excellent garden fencing solutions and dog runs. Choose from silver, black or green panels in mesh or bars.