60 mL Dumpy Drinkers

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Dumpy Drinkers 60 mL – available in transparent or anti-algae finish

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Product Description

  • Plastic Dumpy Cage Bird Drinkers
  • Suitable for cage and aviary usage
  • Clips into cage-front via ridges on the drinker base
  • Available in transparent, anti-algae brown or anti-algae blue option (prevents algae growth by limiting light)
  • Capacity 60 mL

Additional Information

Weight 0.03 kg


4 cm diameter x 9 cm tall

1 review for 60 mL Dumpy Drinkers

  1. Christopher
    4 out of 5


    They are great for our Canaries. We tend to change the water everyday, but on the very odd and manic occasion when we haven’t managed to get to the shed there is enough water in the drinkers to be sure they have something to drink. I still make all attempts to change the water daily.

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