Prime-Weld Bird Catching Net

Catching Nets – 4 Sizes


Available in four sizes to suit small finches through to large parrots and poultry



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Product Description

  • Cage and aviary bird catching net
  • Padded Rim
  • Available in 4 Sizes:

Small – Suitable for parakeets, canaries, finches, parrotlets etc. Measurements: 18 cm diameter, 40cm catching depth, 15 cm wooden handle

Medium – Suitable for parakeets, canaries, finches, small parrots etc. Measurements: Diameter: 27 cm, catching depth: 44 cm, wooden handle: 25 cm

Large – Suitable for parrots, parakeets, canaries, finches, pigeons etc. Measurements: Diameter: 34 cm, Catching depth: 51 cm, Wooden handle: 33 cm

Extra Large – Suitable for parrots, parakeets, canaries, finches, pigeons, poultry etc. Measurements: Diameter: 42 cm, catching depth: 60 cm, wooden handle: 50 cm


Additional Information

Weight 0.4 kg


On occasion the larger sizes in this product may ship with the handle removed (this ensures that they fit into the size requirements to get the cheapest possible postage). To reassemble – line the wires up and push back into the holes on the net handle. If the fit is loose you may need to dab a spot of glue to secure – very occasionally there are the odd ones where the fit has loosened since removing the handle. We hope you agree that in these instances a dob of glue is preferable to paying a higher shipping cost.


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