Pico Sand

Pico Shell Bird Sand With Aniseed


Bird Sand with aniseed to de-odorise

Available in 5 Kg or 25 Kg bags


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Product Description

  • Floor covering for cages and aviaries.
  • Contains oyster shell grit and minerals, essential for healthy digestion and bone/feather condition.
  • Made from sterilised sand and shells, enhanced with the addition of natural anise (to de-odorise)
  • Water absorbing and free from dust
  • Keeps cages clean and dry and helps to de-odorise your bird room.
  • Renew covering once or twice a week for optimum results
  • Harmless to the environment – can be mixed with compost to dispose of naturally
  • Available in 5 Kg bag or 25 Kg bag

Additional Information

Weight 25 kg


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