Probi Papex Hand-rearing for parrots & large birds


Hand rearing food for parrots.

500 g box


Product Description

  • Handrearing food for large birds
  • Suitable for all parrots including macaws, rosellas, lorikeets etc.
  • With Probiotics, which helps stimulate the bird’s immune system, strengthening it’s defences and reducing pathogenic bacteria. This is extremely important to protect the birds and prevent the appearance of diarrhoea during rearing.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Can also be used to help convalescing weak adult birds – add 15-20% of Baby Papex to their normal egg food.
  • 28% Protein
  • Syringe included
  • To use: Moisten with luke warm water until you have a consistent paste. Add the paste to the syringe and administer to the chicks directly into their beaks. Wash the syringe after each application.
  • 500 g

Additional Information

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