smite spray

Smite Spray 750 mL


Non-toxic anti-mite & disinfectant


Product Description

  • Powerful biocidal disinfectant which kills micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses
  • Effective against mite eggs
  • Highly efficient cleaner
  • Super degreasant
  • Non-toxic and does not contain pesticides
  • Pleasant odour and easy to use dosing pump
  • Economical – only 3-6% dilution required (1lt. makes up to 34 lt. of treatment)
  • Efficient degreasant and cleaner – ideal for removing organic matter where mite parasites breed and thrive
  • Suitable for all animal housing
  • One product does it all – Smite!, clean and disinfect – save time and money

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg

Usage Guidelines

Apply dry Smite Powder in and around areas which insects frequent. Smite Powder can also be mixed with water at the rate of 4 tablespoons of Smite Powder to 1 gallon (4.5lt) of water and sprayed onto the areas to be treated. As the powder doesn’t dissolve the mixture should be shaken or agitated frequently to ensure the mixture is consistent. The addition of 1 tablespoon of mild detergent (such as washing-up liquid) to the mixture will help to keep the powder in suspension and distribute it further into cracks and crevices.

Smite Powder can also be applied directly to animals, dogs, cats and poultry to control fleas and mite (seek veterinary advice first) and can be added to dustbaths for wild or domestic birds or poultry. Lightly work the powder into the coat or feathers, paying attention to areas the animal cannot reach, such as the scalp. Repeat the application once a month. As with all topically-applied products, it is recommended to test a small area first, in case of individual sensitivity to the product.

Stored Grain or Feed: Add Smite Powder at the rate of about 10g per kilo of feed to both kill existing pests and prevent further re-infestation

Suggested inclusion rates in feed rations:
Kittens -1/2 tsp

Cats – 1 tsp

Puppies -1/2 to 1 tsp

Dogs to 35lbs -1 tsp

Dogs 35-100lbs – 1-2 tbsp

Cattle, Dairy Cows, Pigs – 2% of dry feed ration

Calves – 4 grams in morning milk feed

Chickens/Turkeys – 5% in feed ration

Sheep/Goats -1-2% in grain or feed ration, up to 50% in salt lick

Horses -1 cup/5 ounces in daily feed ration

Zoo animals – 2% in daily feed ration

Humans – yes you can use it too! Up to 1 heaped tbsp daily, starting with small, _ tsp dose.

Home applications – can be used around the home, in the kitchen, attic, cellar, around furniture and on carpets to eliminate fleas, insects and larvae. Sprinkle on carpets and


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