Supablend Eggfood – Bianco


Supablend eggfood – developed with top UK breeders

Available in 1 kg, 5 Kg or 10 Kg


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Product Description

Supablend Gold Eggfood

Bianco Formula.

White eggfood with extra Vitamin A.

Recommended for white recessive and mosaic canaries.

Developed in consultation with top UK canary breeders

A  complete rearing and conditioning food made from fresh eggs (not powdered), which provide an optimum source of protein

Available in quantities of 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg*

* 1 & 10 Kg supplied in bags. 5 Kg supplied as a box of individually bagged 1 Kg portions.


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Weight 1 kg


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