Supablend eggfood – why you might want to think about switching

Why change your current eggfood?

The answer is probably not to. If you are getting good results year on year then you probably adhere to the adage of ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’!

But if you can improve on getting good results then why not give it a try? Price also should be factored in – Supablend is probably the best eggfood on the market for the cost.

In our experience, most people start looking to change eggfood when they have a bad breeding season. The eggfood is commonly the first thing to get the blame. Although rarely is it the ultimate cause of a bad season.

Your choice of eggfood can make a big difference. Many breeders are mixing their own ‘secret recipes’ (!) with their eggfood and that is where the Supablend brand really comes into its own. It mixes really well with many additives, holds moisture extremely well and as such is superior to other eggfoods in many respects. Reports from the breeders that work with Supablend suggest that the birds are polishing off all of the Supablend, whereas they may not always find other eggfoods quite so palatable. This means that the birds are taking in more of the benefits from the eggfood as well as whatever has been mixed with it.

Incidentally, Supablend also use fresh eggs in their formula, whereas many other manufacturers use a powdered egg. This is important as the protein from the fresh eggs is a superior source to  protein derived from powdered egg.

For colour feeding, the moist eggfood has a good compatibility with carophyll. It mixes well and as such is a good eggfood to deliver colour food.

If for any reason  you are thinking about changing your eggfood then Supablend is certainly one to try. You can buy in 1 Kg bags to sample it and see how you get on. There is also a lot of support available over on the Supablend website, where you can email them with any questions or issues about using the product or switching to it.

If in doubt, check their winners wall! – they have some great success stories from breeders using the product and winning bird shows.