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Easy Clamp System

Unipanel Joining ClampUnlike other fencing and run systems, the Unipanel’s unique easy clamp locks the panels together without the trouble of lining up bolt holes. This means that the clamps can be fitted at any point on the side of the panels allowing panels to be offset against each other for easy construction on uneven surfaces and slopes. The clamps simply screw together to sandwich the panels into place. They are tightened by allen key (supplied). For added security when erecting Unipanel enclosures it is recommended to situate the allen key screw head facing inside the panel to prevent access to the screws from the outside (unlike usual ‘bolt together’ products). Each panel is supplied with 2 clamps as standard. Further clamps can be ordered and these are available to purchase separately if required.

Easy Assembly

Unipanel Allen Key AssemblyNo tools required to build freestanding structures other than the allen key supplied with the Unipanel easy clamps (Note: tools will be required when fitting optional wall or floor clamps).


Unipanels are constructed from internal & external zinc-plated steel tubing with durable, non-toxic, weather and rust proof powder-coated colour finish. The zinc plating is as durable as traditional galvanised finishes but is a less polluting manufacturing process. All supplied bolts are stainless steel.

Unipanel Tube Stopper

The panels feature rubber tube toppers to prevent water seepage inside the tubing. If using indoors these can be reversed and fitted to the panel bottoms in order to prevent marking on hard floors.


Unipanels are available in  black, silver or green to suit the surrounding landscape as required.

Unipanel Colours

The Unipanel choice of colours offers an unobtrusive secure fencing or enclosure alternative compared to traditional garden fencing panels and animal run systems.


green original bar on stepsUnipanels are extremely versatile. Not only are they ideal for erecting affordable and convenient runs of fencing between structures, with a choice of different mesh or bar options and available in 0.9 m and 1.6 m heights, the Unipanels can be chosen and erected to create enclosures for a wide variety of pets and livestock. Including, but not limited to dogs, sheep, geese, chickens etc. Unipanels make for easy and convenient garden fencing (may need stakes/posts for long, free-standing runs of panels). Unipanels are available in 0.5 m and 1 m widths, simply order the desired number of panels to create the enclosure or fence size required. Gate panels supplied in 1 m width. Unipanels can be as temporary or as permanent as required. They are versatile and can be simply erected free-standing on any surface or for a more secure and permanent option floor stabilisers are available to bolt them into the ground. They can also be fixed to grass with long pins or tent pegs. Wall clamps are also available as an extra option where the Unipanels are required to be fixed onto an existing structure.


At 1.6 m high, our tallest Unipanels are high enough to keep most animals and dog breeds from jumping out. Compared to most other systems that are traditionally 1.8 m high, this compromise in height means that the panels are lighter to transport and can also now fit comfortably in the back of many estate cars/campers/caravans and trailers. Unipanels are very quick to erect and take down making them a good choice for travelling and touring to events where a temporary yet secure pen or fence is required. The easy clamp system incorporates a fixed nut on the clamp to allow even faster assembly – much easier and less fiddly than nuts and bolts. This also removes the problem of losing small nuts and bolts during transport. 

0.5 m panels are a convenient choice for making temporary structures and pens where later storage is required – they can fit through most loft hatches!


Unipanels weigh between 6.5 Kg and 8 Kg each based on a 1 m panel, door panels being the heaviest. Mesh are lightest followed by Standard Bar. Universal Bar panels are the heaviest. Stubby Panels are around 4.5 Kg for 1 m. A typical 1.6 m high x 2 m x 2 m enclosure is expected to weigh around 60 kg.

Exact Measurements

For applications requiring exact measurements please note that the joining clamp will add a spacer of 3 cm between Unipanels where they join.

All panels available in 0.5 m or 1 m widths. Gate panels are 1 m with a 68 cm wide gate opening.

Unipanel universal bar - With smaller bar spacing on the lower half these are our most popular Unipanels. Well suited to most applications and particularly suited for making runs for dogs, puppies, chickens, rabbits etc. 1.6 m high. 0.5 m or 1 m widths. 1.2 cm bar diameter. Lower bars 3.5 cm spacing, upper bars 7.5 cm spacing. 80 cm high to upper bars. Set into 2.5 cm square tube frame. Leg height 3.5 cm.

Unipanel universal bar stubby – Our popular universal bar Unipanel in a shorter 0.9 m height. Makes ideal fencing in gardens to segregate areas such as decking and ponds without being intrusive. Ideal for making enclosures for puppies, rabbits etc.

Unipanel standard bar - Slightly more economical alternative to the universal Unipanel for use where wider bar spacing is sufficient. Ideal for most dogs and larger livestock, a popular alternative to traditional galvanised dog run panels. 1.6 m high. 0.5 m or 1 m widths. 1.2 cm bar diameter, 7.5 cm spacing between bars set into 2.5 cm square tube frame. Leg height 3.5 cm.

Unipanel mesh - Mesh alternative. Ideal for fencing and more rigid than wire mesh. Green or black coloured panels make an attractive alternative to wire mesh when used as garden fencing panels. Also suited to keeping poultry, making dog runs etc. 1.6 m high. 0.5 m or 1 m widths. 3 cm x 13 cm, 4 mm gauge wire mesh set into 2.5 cm square tube frame. Leg height 3.5 cm.

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